Monday, December 21, 2009

"China, and only China killed Copenhagen" - Belgium media

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK - DECEMBER 07:  (L-R)  Lar...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
Belgium press reports on Monday morning have put the blame for the Copenhagen failure on climate on the Chinese resistance only. In anonymous statements from what seem to be Flemish-speaking diplomats, champagne bottles were ready on Friday evening, when China suddenly withdrew its support for the climate agreement. Many of the heads of state were taken by surprise, says the report in the Belgium newspaper De Morgen.
In translation:
"The Chinese will do everything to not be part of a climate agreement by which they can be effectively monitored. They have made it very clear Friday they see themselves as a superpower, they will let nothing happen to their economic growth threatens and they do not think their CO2 emissions by 2050 even by 50 percent to be restricted.
"Comedy Players"
There is a wry sense according to the diplomat with other heads of state about the tactics of the Chinese, who until Friday "comedy played". "If there was a significant thing to Copenhagen, it is the first Chinese really have knocked over a table top. They have made it clear that they see themselves as a world power and that they have no interest in multilateral agreements. "
"You could rage against the Chinese feeling in the room Friday night. I think that many leaders in a very bad feeling left from Copenhagen to think 'if this is the way China is going to behave, then we serious problems for the future. ""
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