Friday, January 08, 2010

Labor issues keep Xinhua busy

National emblem of the People's Republic of ChinaSignals from Beijing via Wikipedia
Reading the official Chinese media is a special art, where not what they write, but what they write about is often more important. Already in  December I noted that labor issues, who were mostly kept out of the official media for more than a year, were back on the agenda.
For another project, the WageIndicator, I'm following labor-related news in 46 affiliated countries and it is just amazing how often Xinhua, the official Chinese newswire of the central government, is paying attention is labor issues abroad. Those labor issues are not yet that popular domestically, although they are not off limits anymore.
Here is the latest one on a strike in South Korea, where KIA workers went on strike over wages.
Turkish civil servants in a strike? Xinhua is on top of it. A slow-down action at the public transportation in Budapest? Xinhua gives you the latest details. The Australian trade union is giving out a press release. Xinhua has it. 
Maybe I'm reading too much in it, but it looks like a way to make the minds of foreign investors ready for trade unions activity, collective bargaining and even strikes in China.
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