Thursday, March 25, 2010

Anti-Chinese sentiments in Europe

vlaamsbelang 002Image by Fantake via Flickr
Waving Chinese flags I do not see that often in my part of the world, but today I saw a rather special one, part of a new campaign by Vlaams Belang, as explained here in English. Vlaams Belang, for those not familiar with the peculiar political situation in Belgium, is a Flemish nationalist part, fighting for independence from the French Wallonian part of the country.
By other political parties they are considered to be that extremist that they have been excluded from government, although they can still command a decent following.
Just now they started a provocative campaign, not only showing the French tricolor as a threat, but also the Chinese and an Arabian flag. Whatever you think of them as a political party, they do have a good nose for what is living among their constituency, so it is an obvious sign anti-Chinese feelings are getting - quite literally - into the picture in Europe.

Fortunately, you can also leave comments at posters, not only at online stories. This poster has now written at the bottom "Fuck You", and it looks like a clear sign of disapproval. I was actually present when it happened, but the - Chinese looking - guy who did it looked so nervous, I did not try to talk to him. Unfortunately, his comments was not very clear, so you cannot see it on a second picture.
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