Saturday, November 12, 2011

Al Jazeera's red carpet into Zhongnanhai

Al Jazeera in AmericaThe news station Al Jazeera did it on Saturday again: they aired a lengthy interview with Guan Guanzhong, the head of China's largest independent credit rating agency, Dagong Credit, warning for the ongoing monetary crisis of the USA, and an expected downgrade of the status of the US bonds. (I have included this broadcast here.)

For Al Jazeera this was the second hit in a short time, as it earlier has an interview with CIC-chairman Jin Liqun, China's souverain fund.

Both gentlemen have also severe warning for Europe, although Mr. Jian praises Europe for not devaluating its currency, compared to the US. 

Interesting is that Al Jazeera has been able to obtain a red-carpet treatment into China's financial leadership. Apart from a congratulation on the address of Al Jazeera, it seems also that China's leadership is doing a concerted effort to talk to the world, and would rather avoid the American and European financial media. No more thoughts at this time, but it is after two hits a possible trend that is worth to watch.
(First published at Fons Tuinstra's weblog)

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