Monday, November 07, 2011

A remarkable interview with CIC's Jin Liqun

Jin Liqun
Al Jazeera has an interview that is very much worth pointing at: the chairman of the supervisory board of CIC, China's souverein fund, Jin Liqun. CIC has not been very public, but as the importance of its international position changes, CIC seems to have changed its (lack of) communication.

Not only for that reason the interview is interesting, also not because of the knowledgeable image Mr. Jin puts up in front of the camera, including his impeccable English.

When Mr. Jin seems struggling, it is his maneuvering between his initially clear position as an independent banker, looking for the best possible deal, and his viewpoint on China's political position in the world and towards Europe.

The interviewer is doing a nice job, trying to compare Jin to a cold US banker, only looking for his own profit, and then triggers off a few statements that are still very political. Very much worth your 30 minutes. For Europe it might be bad news: the message is that the continent should get its act together, including drastic reform of its social security system. Welcome in the new world.

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