Friday, December 02, 2011

Huawei on the move in Europe

I just got this nice  Huawei add from @geledraak, published a few days ago in the Dutch newspaper NRC.
For anybody following Chinese companies going global this should be interesting. NRC is a leading newspaper for the Dutch intellectuals and the add focusing on enterprises. It is obvious developed by professionals and thus does not give a lot of information, apart from the emotion it tries to convey.
Not sure if the emotional message works for people who would not know the company to start with. If you do this kind of stuff for two decades, it could work, but I guess that is not the idea Huawei has at this stage. What would I do: tell your potential customers you are better and cheaper than anything else in the market. But that sounds perhaps too cheap. I have been too long in China perhaps.
More about Huawei perhaps later (if my current negotiations move into the right direction).
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