Sunday, January 29, 2012

Belgium: winning the Aigo Europe contract?

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Vincent van Quickenborne via Wikipedia
When Belgian minister Vincent van Quickenborne was quoted by Flemish media from the World Economic Forum, telling the Aigo Entrepreneurs Alliance would pick Belgium for its alliance of 100 Chinese companies to enter Europe, we had to smile a bit. Had not Denmark claimed the same earlier this month? (Here and here articles in Dutch.)
The Aigo alliance had visited on its Europe trip also the UK and the Netherlands, so perhaps we have to wait for more contestants?
The liberal minister was obvious very eager to show he was an effective government official, just days before the Belgian general strike on Monday, mainly focusing on his pension reform plan.
Fortunately, the full text of his messages clarified Aigo is only going to make their final decision in Beijing mid-February, so the Flemish media might have jumped a bit too early on this possibility.
The Aigo alliance is an interesting one, organizing private companies in China. Private companies tend to be smaller compared to the larger state-owned companies, but are growing fast. The alliance combines forces, a concept that is interesting, not only for those companies, but also for their European partners. 
More in February.

Update: Flemish prime minister Kris Peeters seems a bit overenthusiastic too, as he claim already victory
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