Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Anti-foreigner sentiments in China? Hangout special

Yang Rui
Join +Fons Tuinstra, +Brian Glucroft , +Thomas Morffew, +Alicia Noel and others for a live discussion about the current wave of anti-foreigner press in China - where it comes from, what it means to foreigners living in China, and employment implications for non-Chinese living in China. Thursday, June 14. 7pm in Beijing/1pm in Belgium/12pm in London/7am in NY. A Google+ Hangout.

Sign up for the call by responding to this message on Fons' G+ thread. Preference for participating in the Hangout will be given to people physically located in China. Others will be able to watch live over the China Herald site (www.chinaherald.net) or YouTube (ChinaSpeakersBureau). There will be a waiting list - if any participants are not able to join by 8:05pm then we will invite people from the list."

The broadcast will go live shortly after the announced start.

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