Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Top-5 most-read stories June 2012

China Insurance Building (中国保险大厦), ShanghaiCompared to the exciting times in China in May, June has been more back to basics in terms of news. Or is it a sign summer holidays are nearing? China does not honor the concept of a summer holiday, but traditionally we do see a drop in traffic during the summer, allowing us to have a break too. 

We have started to experiment with the Google+ Hangouts, in different formats, and although we are still fine-tuning the effort, we see the first results also here in our top-5 most-read stories. We will take the summer for some more fine-tuning and hope to organize a weekly show in September. What have been the most-popular stories in June:
  1. What can China or the West do in South Sudan? - Howard French
  2. The End of Cheap China, Fortune review - Shaun Rein
  3. What Chinese Want - Tom Doctoroff
  4. What is going wrong in localization - Ben Cavender
  5. Why Google will not win back China - Tricia Wang

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