Saturday, August 25, 2012

Why are foreigners leaving China? - China Weekly Hangout

A Hangout in action
When all goes well, on Thursday September 6 the first China Weekly Hangout will take place. Planned subject: why are foreigners leaving China?
A group of high-profile foreigners has draw attention to the changing situation in China and the position of foreigners. Why are they leaving, and does it say something about those foreigners, about China, or both?
During the first China Weekly Hangout we will focus on this issue, hopefully with a few of those who left as participants: in Google+ Hangouts we can bring together people from different continents, so that makes the subject a neat one for our first hangout.
There are different ways to participate and follow announcements on future China Weekly Hangouts. This weblog will feature the hangouts and some of the official announcements, but when you follow our China Weekly Hangout page at Google+, you will miss nothing. Everything is subject to change.
Despite this warning, a few notes on the logistics. The official hangout can be attended by a limited number of people, a maximum of nine. But since a moderator, a technical person and three or four panelists will get preferential access, additional places are limited. If you are interested (or a returnee yourself who wants to participate), let us know. It is useful when you have signed up for Google+ but not necessary to participate.
The rest of humanity can watch a live stream on YouTube and participate by sending questions and comments. We will keep a few places open, so we can even invite people during the hangout (This is literally, there is no limitation on the size of the audience.) We are still discussing the logistics of comments during the hangout, but for the time being, you can leave suggestions here at the comments or send them by email. The session will be recorded on YouTube, and will be available here. Ahead of time we will announce the event and shortly before the hangout starts the YouTube link will be available. It will be hosted on this weblog, and if you think this is such an exciting event you want to host it on your website, drop us a line. 
Typically, our China Weekly Hangout will take place each Thursday 9pm Beijing Time, 3pm CEST and 9am Eastern. Both subject and timing can vary though to facilitate the participation of panelists and your humble moderator. We picked this time, because it allows most time zones to participate.
We try to limit the hangout to 45 minutes max.
Planned subjects for the rest of September are: 13/9: Chinese investments abroad; 20/9: internet censorship in China; 27/9: Favorite tourist destinations for Chinese.
Did we forget anything? Most likely, so stay tuned.

Update: You can sign up for our last session to prepare the launch here. 

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