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Why are Chinese leaving China? - China Weekly Hangout (updated)

Why are Chinese, who can afford it, leaving China? Most of China's rich send their children abroad for study, and 92% of them do not return, despite efforts by the Chinese government to get them back. Even more, some of them start to invite their parents over, after they get settled in - mostly - the US. And according to the latest figures, more children of wealthy Chinese already leave for expensive high schools abroad, not only universities.
That means a drain on China's intellectual, managerial and financial resources: how bad is it, and is there any way to reverse that trend?
Those are some of the issues we want to tackle on our second China Weekly Hangout, on Thursday, September 13, 9pm Beijing Times, 3pm CEST and 9am Eastern. 
Invited panelists are Janet Carmosky, Li Meixian and Helen Wang. Helen Wang is traveling in China and could not yet fully commit herself. Moderation is in the hands of Fons Tuinstra, president of the China Speakers Bureau.
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Helen Wang
For the second China Weekly Podcast are invited:

Helen H. Wang is an author, consultant, and expert on China’s middle class. Originally from China, Wang has lived in the U. S. for over twenty years. Wang is a contributor to Forbes and a sought-after speaker. Her book, The Chinese Dream, is based on over 100 interviews with the new members of the Chinese middle class, which is already 300 million strong and will reach 600 to 800 million in fifteen years.
Currently, Wang divides her time between consulting for companies doing business in China and helping non-profit organizations make a difference. She lives in Silicon Valley with her husband, her dog Frodo, and her parakeet Star. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, dance, and travel.
Janet Carmosky

Janet Carmosky, is China guru at-large and CEO of the China Business Network. She started her Chinese Studies major (U. Penn) in '81 at age 17; graduated & moved to China (Xi'an) in 1985; married into PRC family 1986; lived & worked in China - mostly Shanghai - through 2003, when she returned to USA.

Li Meixian

Li Meixian, Member at Cozen O’Connor's

Meixian Li is the Director of China Business Development. Mei is responsible for the development and implementation of Cozen O’Connor's China business development initiatives. In this position, she plays a key role in the firm's growing China practice.

Mei spends a substantial amount of her time in China maintaining the firm's existing client relationships and developing new ones. Through the extensive business and government relationships she has developed in China, Mei provides advice and assistance to the firm's existing and new U.S. clients in their effort to build or expand their presence in China.

Prior to joining Cozen O’Connor, Mei was project director at Kamsky Associates Incorporated, based in Kamsky’s Beijing office. In this role, Mei led projects for clients in China market entry-related areas, including market research and analysis, strategy formulation and implementation, due diligence, competitor and partner analysis, and contract negotiations.

Richard Brubaker

Richard Brubaker is the producer of All Roads Lead to China, Adjunct Professor of Management, Sustainability and Responsible Leadership at China Europe International Business School. With almost 20 years of Asia experience (the last 10 based in mainland China), Rich assists his clients (both Fortune 500 companies and SMEs) in understanding the China market, determining their own China platform and implementing effective strategies. He is currently living in Shanghai.  

China Weekly Hangout: Why are Chinese leaving China:

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Upcoming subjects: sustainability, China's energy security (planned for 27 September)

Update: Additional guests for this hangout are Isaac Mao and Andrew Hupert. You will be able to watch the hangout here in this space, both live and recorder.

For the hangout on sustainability and China's energy security on 27 September as panelists will be present Merritt Cooke, Richard Brubaker and others.
For October 4 (just after the China holiday) we plan a hangout on the future of the communist party. Interested? Sign up for our China Weekly Hangout page, or drop us a line.

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