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Why are foreigners leaving China? - China Weekly Hangout

English: The skyline of Shanghai, China.
English: The skyline of Shanghai, China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In the past few month we saw a few high-profile foreigners leaving China, and making a public case out of their departure. Mark Kitto, Charlie Custer, Chris Devonshere-ellis Devonshire-Ellis to name a few. Is there a trend, is China becoming a harder place to live in, or is this just a generation shift, where the skills you needed ten, fifteen years are not useful anymore?
A recent story by ChinaSmack triggered off a heated debate with hundreds of comments illustrating the issue is very much alive, not only among foreigners in China, but also among the Chinese.

Enough reason to pick this subject for the first China Weekly Hangout, for Thursday 6 September, on 9pm Beijing Time, 3pm CEST and 9am Eastern. 
When you have questions, comments or want to join yourself in the hangout (places are very limited), you can drop a comment here or send more conventional an email.

At the first official China Weekly Hangout we will be joined by:

Janet Carmosky, is China guru at-large and CEO of the China Business Network. She started her Chinese Studies major (U. Penn) in '81 at age 17; graduated & moved to China (Xi'an) in 1985; married into PRC family 1986; lived & worked in China - mostly Shanghai - through 2003, when she returned to USA. 

Richard Brubaker is the producer of All Roads Lead to China, Adjunct Professor of Management, Sustainability and Responsible Leadership at China Europe International Business School. With almost 20 years of Asia experience (the last 10 based in mainland China), Rich assists his clients (both Fortune 500 companies and SMEs) in understanding the China market, determining their own China platform and implementing effective strategies. He is currently living in Shanghai. He interviewed recently 50 people in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai on the issue of foreigners leaving China. 

Andrew Hupert spent the over 10 years as a corporate trainer, writer, and lecturer in Shanghai, working with both local and multinational businesses. His professional work has focused on improving the deal-making and negotiating skills of both local and multinational corporations. Andrew is also very active on the academic side of business, and he regularly lectures about international negotiation and business strategy at top Shanghai business schools and universities, such as New York University and Strathclyde University’s EMBA program. He recently returned to New York.

Moderation is done by Fons Tuinstra, former foreign correspondent in Shanghai and co-founder of the Shanghai Foreign Correspondents Club and currently president of the China Speakers Bureau, dividing his life between Brasschaat, Belgium and Lausanne, Switzerland. 

You can sign up for the event here. At the event page you will find before the event also the YouTube link and you can leave questions and comments during the event. You can watch the event at the event page, at the China Herald in this space and at YouTube.
Basic instructions for joining a Hangout (it is really easy) you can find here. 

Next China Weekly Hangout will be on the question why Chinese are leaving China. Planned for Thursday September 13, 9pm Beijing Time, 3pm CEST and 9am Eastern.

First shot for next week (source):

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