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China Weekly Hangout - What can Huawei do?

English: Huawei Technology in Shenzhen, China
English: Huawei Technology in Shenzhen, China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
What could Huawei have done better? That was a question that was not asked too often after both the intelligence panel of US Congress and the CBS news program 60 minutes launched their attack on the Chinese telecom giant Huawei and its smaller competitor ZTE this week. During the China Weekly Hangout on October 18, we look shortly back, but mainly want to look at the global future of this Chinese company. What can Huawei do? (Do not mix is up with the China Weekly hangout on October 11, when we focus on innovation in China.)
When arguments and facts do not count, how can a Chinese company like Huawei defend itself? What has it done wrong in the past and what can it do to gain a legitimate place in a competitive global market?
You are cordially invited to join the debate, with at least two panelists:

David Wolf
David Wolf, president and CEO of the Wolf Group Asia and author of the Making the Connection: The Peaceful Rise of China's Telecommunications Giants. In the book David Wolf argues that part of Huawei's success is because the company was not supported by the Chinese army or the Chinese state, whose loyalty was with their own telecom companies. Huawei was on itself in trying to conquer first China and then the rest of the world.

Andrew Hupert
Andrew Hupert, expert on negotiations in China and author of  Bridge: Conflict Management in Chinese Business. Andrew Hupert can explain why at conflict management arguments and facts do not count anymore, like in the case of Huawei. How can you prepare for the next battle.

Questions and comments are welcome, from now, during the hangout and afterwards. You can register for the event (here), and please leaving during the hangout remarks and questions at our events page. You can watch the hangout both here and on our event page through a YouTube connection.

Moderator will be Fons Tuinstra, president of the China Speakers Bureau.

Any changes will be announced here and at the event page.

The China Weekly Hangout is held every week on Thursday 10pm Beijing Times, 4pm CEST (Europe) and 10am EST (US). The number of seats at the official hangout is limited, but the session is available for everybody via YouTube.

Update: As we speak, other countries are also planning to ban Huawei and possibly ZTE from expanding their services. We will list a few stories here in the coming week, organized per country:

Huawei suggests NBN ban is political (Financial Review, 10/10/2012
The Huawei dilemma: Should the UK be worried? (ZDNet, 9/10/2012)
Huawei's relationship with BT under investigation by MPs (The Guardian, 10/10/2012)

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