Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Reminder: China's holiday - China Weekly Hangout

Janet Carmosky (Photo credit: Fantake)
A reminder we have tomorrow our holiday edition of the China Weekly Hangout, focusing on the ongoing holidays in China. (Here you find our original announcement.)
Are you staying at home, to avoid the crowds? Are you traveling, and if so: where do you go to? Or are you busy working to help millions of Chinese to have a nice holiday?
Join us at Thursday 4 October, at 10pm Beijing Time, 4pm CEST or 10am EST. Register at our event page, or leave your comments here.

Guest of honor will be Janet Carmosky, our China guru at large and CEO of the China Business Network, joining us from New York. We will discuss how China evolved from the first golden weeks in the 1990s into a mighty outbound tourism industry of 18 million international travelers last year.
Upcoming China Weekly Hangouts include discussions on innovation in China and the question whether China should be blamed for the ongoing financial crisis, and not the complicated banking products and US mortgages. Follow our China Weekly Hangout page to stay updated.


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