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The global ambitions of China's internet companies - China Weekly Hangout

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The China Weekly Hangout on Thursday 15 November is going to discuss the growing global ambitions of China's internet companies. For almost an decade China's growing internet population offered enough room for expansion. But as China's internet connects already close to 600 million domestic users, its internet companies are looking for expansion globally.
Baidu was the latest on the headlines, with the plan to issues US$ bonds worth US$ 500 million to purchase companies on the international market, but not the only one. Tencent and Alibaba are just a few others with global ambitions. How can they avoid the failures companies like Google, Ebay, Groupon and Yahoo made when they entered unchartered water in China? What might be their strategy? Are they, like the telecom companies like Huawei and ZTE, first enter marginal market, before taking on the US and Europe?
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Paul Denlinger will join the discussions, as might Andrew Hupert, and we are still trying to invite people from the companies itself. Moderation will be in the hands of Fons Tuinstra, of the China Speakers Bureau.

This week's China Weekly Hangout on nuclear power was unfortunately aborted this week as we missed the change in daytime saving in the US, and our panelists only emerged an hour later. The subject is on the agenda again for November 22 with Richard Brubaker and Chris Brown as participants.

The China Weekly Hangout is held on Thursdays, now at 10pm Beijing Time, 3pm CET (Europe) and 9pm EST (US/Canada).

Previous editions you can watch at our YouTube channel

Our previous Hangout on the question what Huawei can do, with David Wolf, Fons Tuinstra and Andrew Hupert.

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