Monday, December 10, 2012

Google Communities and China - China Weekly Hangout

English: The Great Wall of China, near Beijing...
English: The Great Wall of China, near Beijing in July 2006. This is a section of Mutianyu. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Last Thursday Google announced its new communities tool as a section of Google+ and that move caused a lot of sensation. Even in China, where Google+ was not received enthusiastically to put it mildly, more than fifty communities have emerged over the weekend.
Of course we started our own China Debate community, Business in China, but also many local ones like Photo Shanghai, Gay Beijing, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Coming Thursday 13 December the China Weekly Hangout will discuss the development of Google Communities in and around China, and exchange experiences between fellow newbies, moderators and would-be moderators.
While there are loads of generic questions (and many help-communities), we try to focus on a few China-specific issues. How do you deal with multi-language communites? Do you split them in different communities, organize different subcategories, or get all together and organize by theme, location. Would you prefer to set up portal-like communities to get more traction, or does it make more sense to make more smaller communities (like a portal or "games in China", or one on mahjong?) How do you get followers in a country like China where Google+ is not yet that popular? How can we support each other?

You can register here. Have you discovered China-related or China-based communities? Let us know. Do you have other questions you would like to discuss? Leave them here, or join our debate on Thursday 13 December, 10pm Beijing Time, 3pm CET, 9pm EST.

Update: We have started a spreadsheet with names of China-related communities, to make life easier on Thursday. We have only started, so feel free to add other names and data, if you feel they should belong here. The spreadsheet is here.
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