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Failing foreign firms - China Weekly Hangout

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No month passes without yet another foreign firm trying to enter the China market throws in the towel: they do not make it. The China Weekly Hangout dives on Thursday 31 January Wednesday 30 January into the backgrounds of those failures. Are Chinese governments giving foreign firm a harder time than their domestic competitors. Or is it stupidity on the foreign side who do not get what the Chinese consumers want? Or a combination of both.
Will they survive competition, food scandals and increasingly critical customers?
On Thursday CEIBS-adjunct professor Richard Brubaker will join us and we will discuss both KFC and Apple at length. Yes, both are still successful, but will they hang on?
Last week, in our China Weekly Hangout on pollution, Richard Brubaker mentioned names of foreign firms who do well in China: Alstrom, Siemens, GE and others who offer the quality Chinese companies do not have. But the number of failures seems larger: Media Markt, BestBuy, Google, Yahoo, Caterpillar, B&Q, just to mention a few.

Update: who is next heading for trouble? We bet on General Motors, who is busy jeopardizing their relationship with their China partner SAIC. They should first talk to Volkswagen, who did a similar move in the 1990s.

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The China Weekly Hangout takes mostly place on Thursdays 10pm Beijing time, 3pm CET (Europe) and 9am EST (US/Canada). This week it will be on Wednesday. You can follow the discussion also on YouTube at our event page on here in this space.

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Yesterday the China Weekly Hangout discussed how pollution affects the lives of those living and working in China. Participating, Richard Brubaker and Fons Tuinstra, president of the China Speakers Bureau.

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