Sunday, January 20, 2013

How affects the pollution your life? - China Weekly Hangout

Chinese New Year fireworks
Chinese New Year fireworks (Photo credit: bluepoppy6)
The China Weekly Hangout resumes coming Thursday January 24 with a discussion on how the rampant pollution affects the life of people living in China. Are they using masks when pollution is strong? Do they use purifiers? Do they change their habits? Will they be lightening fireworks during the upcoming Chinese New Year?
Is the pollution an extra reason to leave China during the New Year celebrations? Or are you even thinking of leaving China for cleaner places.

We have read a lot about the figures, the health effects on the population, and the growing pressure on the government to act. But what does it mean for your life. Join us on Thursday January 24, at 10pm Beijing Time, 3pm CET (Europe) and 9am EST (US/Canada).
You can register at our event page (you can register here), and let is know in a comment or email what your story is.

Last year, the China Weekly Hangout already had two installments on 1. why foreigners are leaving China, (with Andrew Hupert and Richard Brubaker) and 2. why Chinese are leaving China (with Isaac Mao, Li Meixian and Richard Brubaker). You can view them here.

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