Wednesday, February 27, 2013

China's media in Africa - China Weekly Hangout

English: Chinese 1950s propaganda poster showi...
English: Chinese 1950s propaganda poster showing Africans reading Mao Tsedong's book. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
China's influence in the development of Africa is subject of much debate and the China Weekly Hangout will start a first exchange on the country's international politics next week on Thursday March 7. On the agenda: the Chinese media in Africa. How are they trying to get their message across? What is their message? Do the Africans buy it? What are the differences between different parts of Africa? What is the long-term plan of China's media? How do they cover Africa, differently from Western media?
Joining us from Vietnam is next week +Eric Olander of the China Africa Project, an eminent commentator on Sino-African relations and producer of a weekly podcast on the issue. And when you have listened to Eric's podcasts, you will know a comparison with Western media is just around the corner.
The hangout takes place on Thursday March 7, 10pm Beijing Time, 3pm CET (Europe) and 9am EST (US/Canada)
You can participate in the hangout by registering at our event page, leave your comments and questions here, or join us during the event through Twitter or Google+ (hash tag #CWHCWH).

Tomorrow, the China Weekly Hangout will focus on hacking, and its influence on China-US relations. Expected guest: +Charlie Custer of Tech in Asia. A list of all hangouts, you can find at our YouTube Channel. Do register also for our CWH page, if you want to get regular updates.

Earlier this month the China Weekly Hangout discussed possible subjects to cover in the year of the snake, with +Paul Fox and +Fons Tuinstra . Additional suggestions? Let us know.

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