Friday, March 08, 2013

China: a loser in cyber attacks

The German website
Who is hacking who, we asked ourselves last month in the China Weekly Hangout, after China was accused of being the center of many global cyber attacks. Last week at the German CEBIT, a German organization disclosed a global overview of where the attacks from last month are coming from. China takes only a poor 12th spot, after other rogue countries like Russia and Germany. (The data might vary, since the investigation is an ongoing, real time one.)
The global operation is set up by German telecom provider Deutsche Telecom, who has installed 97 so-called 'honey-pots', who sniff out cyber attacks, so the company can prepare itself, and its clients for attacks.
The number two on the list is Taiwan, politically correct described as a Chinese province, is the source of 900,000 attacks. Mainland China only slightly over 150,000. Even the US is, with over 350,000 attacks, a major source of cyber attacks.
Other site come up with other data, and in every case it might make sense to open the machine and see how it works.
I leave it up to the engineers to look into the technicalities (is it by accident that a German site discovers so many German attacks?). Are they missing some kinds of attacks? It puts the whole hacking discussion a bit more in perspective.

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