Friday, March 01, 2013

What do you think about the Reuters' China site?

Last night I was pointed a the new website and app news agency Reuters developed on China and I decided to give it a spin this morning. I did and I still not know what to think about all these info-graphics, so ask you.
It looks smooth and gives a nice, but very simplified, overview of the political landscape in China. Apart from internal dynamics, there is no connection with the news, social media or any events that might take place today.
It looks like the digital team at Reuters got excited by the many tools you can use to visualize information and put them in nice, moving info-graphics.
I'm all to familiar with this excitement and unfortunately it often stops you from asking one crucial question: does it make sense? Does it add any value?
Info-graphics have become the online disease of the past twelve months. People do not ask why they put existing information into info-graphics, whenever it is possible, they make it. Maybe I'm just not moving ahead with the changes of this time, but I would see an info-graphic not as an aim in itself, but as a tool.
So, I had a look at the Reuters app, and see no reason to go back anymore.
What about you, how do you think you can use this new tool?
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