Monday, April 08, 2013

Next week's China Weekly Hangout: the bird flu?

A coronavirus that may cause SARS. (transwikie...
A coronavirus that may cause SARS. (transwikied from (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As more people who have seen SARS developing first-hand, the current bout of bird flu seems a solid subject for next week's +China Weekly Hangout . How is the government dealing with the bird flu? Has there been an initial cover-up? What new measures can be expected apart from the killing of live birds? What industries are under threat when parts of China come to a standstill like during SARS? Shares of airline companies have already seen dropping.
But before setting the stage: what do you think of the bird flu as a subject now? Is it perhaps too early, or is it never too early too early to cover a subject like this?
We will set the subject later this week.

Coming Thursday the China Weekly Hangout will discuss solar energy, fail or future, after the debacle of Suntech. You can register here, or read our announcement here.
Last year, we had already well before the collapse of Suntech a discussion at the +China Weekly Hangout on energy security with +Richard Brubaker and +Merritt Cooke .

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