Monday, April 01, 2013

What do you expect from Xi Jinping? - China Weekly Hangout

Xi Jinping 习近平
Xi Jinping 习近平 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

China's new government is firmly in place and during last month's National People's Congress much speculation emerged on what might, or might not, happen in the coming decade with Xi Jinping in charge. The +China Weekly Hangout will discuss a few of the many subjects that were subject of scrutiny over the past few months.
But we need your help first. We have made an initial list of 14 subjects worth to discuss on Thursday. That is of course way too much for a 45 minute exchange, so we ask you in our survey to make a ranking. The top-3 will be discussed, the rest we save till later.
Also, we ask your opinion for each of those subjects: do you expect real change or not. You can join our survey, but note that we can only manage a maximum of 100 answers, so do not delay till tomorrow.
Our subjects are corruption, pollution, food security, labor camps, austerity, a slimmer government, China's international soft power, innovation, internet connectivity, media freedom. the One-child policy, political reform, energy security, poor-rich divide. (If you find the interface below a nuisance, you can also click through to the survey here.)

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The +China Weekly Hangout will take place on Thursday 10pm Beijing Time, 4pm CEST (Europe) and 10am EST (US/Canada). Note the change in summer time and day light saving, leading to slightly adjusted broadcasting times.
You can register at our event page for participation and leave your questions and comments till the start of the event. During the event you can participate via Twitter and Google+ if you add hash tage #CWHCWH. You can watch the hangout at our event page or here

Earlier sessions of the +China Weekly Hangout took on already some of the subjects. For example energy security we discussed on 27 September 2012 with +Merritt Cooke , +Richard Brubaker and +Fons Tuinstra . You can find previous installments here.

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