Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Changing labor force (2) - China Weekly Hangout

Hangouts becoming mainstream
Today's +China Weekly Hangout was unfortunately aborted, as our main guest +Dee Lee (Inno) from Inno in Guangzhou could not jump all the barriers to enter the hangout. But his exceptional story - with his hotline, he negotiated an end to a strike of 4000 workers this week - is worth to be told, so we give the subject a second run tomorrow, on Friday 24 May.
The hangout is live broadcasted on YouTube, here and on our event page. We start at 10pm Beijing Time, 4pm CEST and 10am EST.
The participants of yesterday will be invited again, and others are kindly requested to go to our event page. Please only do so, if you intend the participate in the hangout.
Others can watch the YouTube clip, or can during the event send questions and remarks via Twitter and Google+ (add hashtag #CWHCWH).
And we keep our fingers crossed for less technical problems tomorrow. We are working with emerging technology, and often working with people from behind China's firewall. But we will get there.
The +China Weekly Hangout is, if possible, a weekly feature where we discuss current affairs in China with an international audience. Moderator +Fons Tuinstra of the +China Speakers Bureau gives here a short introduction.

Next week, we discuss the question what Chinese tourists want, exceptionally earlier than our normal hangouts, on the request of participants in New Zealand and Australia. You can read our announcement here.
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