Friday, May 31, 2013

Negotiating trade agreements - China Weekly Hangout

English: Li Keqiang, Chinese politician
Premier Li Keqiang (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Negotiating deals on any level with China is a challenge, as the EU discovered last week. China premier Li Keqiang circumvented effectively efforts by European president Barroso to take a tough line on trade with China. Planned tariffs on solar and telecom equipment met resistance from EU members and Switzerland got its first free trade agreement, giving it an advantage on EU countries. And the EU Commission was left empty-handed in the eyes of the Chinese.
Comning week president Xi Jinping will meet his US counterpart Barack Obama, and can prove he can do a better job than the Europeans.
The +China Weekly Hangout will discuss on June 6 negotiation tactics between countries with +Andrew Hupert of +China Solved, an expert on Chinese negotiations and conflict resolutions.
What can you do to prepare for negotiations with China? What is going right, and what is going wrong.

Join us at Thursday June 6, 10pm Beijing Time, 4CEST PM and 10 AM EST. You can ask your questions or leave remarks here until the event starts, or at our event page, where you can also register for participation.

You can watch earlier sessions here. 

In April, the China Weekly Hangout discussed political change in the past decade. A meeting with +Steve Barru,  and +Fons Tuinstra of the China Speakers Bureau discuss what they expect from the political change in the upcoming ten years under Xi Jinping; agenda: Hu Jintao, austerity, poor-rich divide, and more.

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