Friday, July 19, 2013

Health care and corruption - China Weekly Hangout

GlaxoSmithKline (Photo credit: Ian Wilson)
The arrest of senior GlaxoSmithKline executives, and the flood of news orchestrated by the central government, left quite some people with China experience bewildered behind. Kickoffs have been the core business model of China's health care for decades. And while it is a good idea to change that fallacy, why not start with the basic cause: the low salary of doctors and poor funding of hospitals. What is developing here?
In short: reasons enough for the +China Weekly Hangout to discuss recent affairs in the health care industry, and whether there is a way to reform this crucial industry.
On Thursday 25 July we hope to get a few people together to discuss the issue. Do you want to share your experiences with health care in China? You can leave your comments here or register right away at our event page.

The hangout will start as normal at 10pm Beijing Time, 4pm CEST (Europe) and 10am EST (Canada/US). You can watch the proceedings here, or at our event page.

Update: We faced on Thursday 25 July an unprecedented set of technical setbacks and could not get the hangout started. If possible, we will plan a new chance later this summer. Announcement will follow.

What will be on the agenda of the +China Weekly Hangout in the coming months? +Steve Barru and +Fons Tuinstra discussed food security, visa problems, politics, shadow banking, urbanization, inbound investment and outbound investments on July 18 in an open office session.

You can watch all previous hangouts here.
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