Friday, July 19, 2013

The upcoming agenda for the China Weekly Hangout

National emblem of the People's Republic of China
National emblem of the People's Republic of China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
What's up, asked yesterday the +China Weekly Hangout as holidays and summer heat are slowing down our activities. +Steve Barru and +Fons Tuinstra discussed here subjects for the hangouts in the upcoming months.
Do you have anything to say about this subjects? Do not hesitate to raise your hand. We are getting a nice pool of China-expert together, but we can always use a few more. For each subject we start already adding a few possible panelists (let me know if you cannot make it, or if you know others here). No dates are set, apart from the session of next week.

  • Corruption and health care (suggested: +Andrew Hupert+Steve Barru ), set for 25 July. Here is our announcement. 
  • Visa issues: China has set up a new visa system on July 1; after the summer we want to collect the first experiences
  • Food security (suggested: +Richard Brubaker+Gilbert Van Kerckhove  ); a subject we have covered before, but just too important to let it go. We are especially looking for people who are growing organic food in China, and their experiences
  • Shadow banking: what is changing, or has shadow banking always existed and is now coming out of the shadow a bit?
  • Urbanization, what does it mean for China's citizens.
  • Politics fall out (most likely around the Fall meeting of the CCP) (suggested speakers: +Janet Carmosky , +G. E. Anderson )
  • Outbound Chinese investment (we did one on Africa, with +Eric Olander, but need to look into the European and American experiences too, suggested: +Nathan KAISER , +Janet Carmosky )
  • Inbound foreign investments: are they targeted more severely by the Chinese authorities, or are they screaming before they get hit? (Some overlap with the health care and visa sessions)
More subjects and panelists are welcome. We might have to skip a few sessions in August, but expect to be on full speed again in September.

Our biggest hit over the past year was our discussion on January 24 with +Richard Brubaker of AllRoadsLeadtoChina and CEIBS on the rampant pollution in China. Is it getting worse, and what can be done? The session recorded over 2,000 viewers up to now.

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