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Are foreign firms having a hard time in China? - China Weekly Hangout

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English: Beijing CBD 2008-6-9 Jianwai SOHO, Yitai Center, CCTV ‪中文(简体)‬: 北京中央商务区夜景(可见央视新址、建外SOHO等) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Even when you look at the economic conditions in China, life for foreign firms is not as easy as it used to be. Wages go up, prices go up, and economic growth is - relatively - slowing down. On top of that, Chinese consumers are getting pickier, and a range of industries, notably the health care and milk powder industry are under scrutiny. High-profile televised confessions of company representatives and arrests complete the picture.
But even the lobby organization of foreign companies in China admit that profitability of the China operations of foreign firms is up, despite all possible problems. And only traditionally cheap industries, like textile and shoes have been moving to other countries.
Reason enough to discuss the current state of foreign firms in China in the +China Weekly Hangout.
Richard Brubaker

China veteran-at-large Janet Carmosky, international lawyer +Nathan KAISER  and sustainability professor +Richard Brubaker have confirmed
Janet Carmosky
they will be joining on Thursday. "This subject might keep us busy for a 10-15 minutes," Richard told, and of course, we are going to focus on one or two industries

Nathan Kaiser
The China Weekly Hangout on foreign investments into China will be held on Thursday 22 August, at 10pm Beijing Time, 4pm CEST (Europe) and 10am EST (US/Canada). You can register for the event here or watch the proceedings at this page on Thursday.

China Weekly Hangout

The +China Weekly Hangout started last week the new season with an open office session, including +Paul Fox+Steve Barru and +Fons Tuinstra and discussed the subject for the upcoming months.

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