Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The new visa system - China Weekly Hangout

Old China PRC visa, with entry stamp from Guan...
Old China PRC visa, with entry stamp from Guangzhou. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
China's has kicked off a new visa system on September 1, and while it is too early to work out how it exactly works, many questions have already been popping up at our digital radar screen. Reason to organize a +China Weekly Hangout already at this stage, to allow you to ask (and answer) questions on the new visa system.
We will try to get a few experts in (but cannot promise anything at this stage). A good write-up has been provided by the Hong Kong lawyer +Gary Chodorow here. 
Questions you can ask here in the comments, or at our event page.

The China Weekly Hangout on China's visas will be held on Thursday 12 September, 10pm Beijiing time, 4pm CEST and 10am EST.

If you want to follow our session, you can watch here or at our event page. At our event page you can also register for participation.

China Weekly Hangout

Last week the +China Weekly Hangout discussed the recent spike in plans by China's internet companies to go global. Should Facebook, Twitter and Google+ worry now Tencent, Baidu, Sina, Alibaba and Xiaomi have plans to expand globally. Not yet, said investor +William Yung, media-expert +Paul Fox and +Tech in Asia +Steven Millward. Well, maybe Whatsapp should. Moderation by +Fons Tuinstra of the China Speakers Bureau.

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