Monday, October 28, 2013

How to look at the Chen Yongzhou-story - China Weekly Hangout

Chen in captivity
The story of journalist Chen Yongzhou of the Guangdong-based New Express left many inside and outside China flabbergasted. First, his paper used its front page twice to plead for his release from police custody. He has been arrested for defaming the state-owned Zoomlion. Was here a brave journalist being punished for writing the truth?
Next Chen was parade by the police in front of TV camera's confessing he had been making up the stories on Zoomlion for money. His paper promptly published an apology. Still, at least two scenario's are possible. Still, he could be an innocent journalists being hit by a repressive evil empire. Or did he cook his stories for financial gain. Who know a bit about China's media knows that is also not an unlikely story.
At this stage, we cannot exclude any scenario, but it looks like a good stepping stone to discuss China's media at the +China Weekly Hangout.

Join us at the online discussion on Thursday 7 November at 10pm Beijing time, 3pm CET (Europe) and 9am EST (US/Canada).
You can join us in the live online debate by registering at our event page. During the event you can ask live questions, or if you cannot make it, leave your questions or remarks here.

Update: And it is not only journalists who can get into trouble. Here the story of an investor/blogger who got into problems.

China Weekly Hangout
How successful can president Xi Jinping be in rooting out corruption, the China Weekly Hangout is going to ask on Thursday 31 October. How committed is the Xi/Li team to real change? You can read our announcement here, or register for the event here.
China's media scene is changing fast, for example by expanding into Africa. The China Weekly Hangout discussed on March 7 the advances different Chinese media groups make in Africa with veteran journalists +Eric Olander of the China Africa Project, and +Lara Farrar, previously working for both the China Daily and CNN. Moderation by +Fons Tuinstra, president of the China Speakers Bureau.

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