Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Is Chen Yongzhou a cheater or a hero? - Poll

The New Express asking for Chen's release
The arrest of journalist Chen Yongzhou for his reports on state-owned company Zoomlion keeps on developing. Originally, he was praised as a hero fighting for press freedom, by his paper New Express and many others. But after his public confession, the police action also started to get support, and Chen's paper even apologized, although not in the major way it had earlier asked for the release for their reporter. (I will attach some links to articles below, for those few who have missed the story.)
There are still two scenario's possible. Some claim Chen is still the fighter for press freedom. And others are equally convinced he has been cheating and got bribed to write lies about Zoomlion, as the company and the police say.
Now, we are not going to solve this issue by a poll, but I'm wondering whose arguments you find at this stage better? Who do you believe: is Chen a hero or a cheat?

In the poll you can also abstain from voting, or leave your own thoughts. (Note that it was produced in Dutch, and you should click on 'Gereed' to finish the poll.)

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Next week we plan to do a +China Weekly Hangout on the issue (you can register here).

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