Monday, October 07, 2013

What can China learn from Singapore on sustainability? - China Weekly Hangout

Richard Brubaker
Sustainable development expert and CEIBS adjunct professor +Richard Brubaker has spent six weeks in Singapore and was impressed by the progress the city-state has made in developing sustainable practices. On Thursday the +China Weekly Hangout will ask him what lessons China can learn from Singapore. At this Google+ pages your will find reports about some projects he visited (including a great video on vertical farming)

Join us in our weekly China discussion on Thursday 10 October at 10pm Beijing times, 4pm CEST (Europe) and 10am EST (US/Canada). You can register at our event page.
You can leave you questions in the comments or ask them live during the hangout at our event page.
China Weekly Hangout

Last week the +China Weekly Hangout discussed the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. +Steve Barru, +李洛傑 and +Fons Tuinstra  wrapped one week of news on Shanghai's Free Trade Zone, and end in a not-so positive mood about what this new zone is actually going to do.

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