Monday, December 16, 2013

Getting onto WeChat

I have been trying to avoid the Chinese social media up to now. Most of my business focus is on Europe and the US, so building up a following in China did not make that much sense. Despite all the stories on the booming Chinese chatterboxes, I tried to limit myself to Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a few others.
Adding yet another platform is no hard, but maintaining it is a time killer.
But now I will be visiting Shanghai next week, and I noted first hand how the Chinese way of making or maintaining contact goes through WeChat, I decided to gave a spin myself. It is at a lucky moment, since WeChat just made it possible to get all my Google contacts into their contact list.
Yesterday, I have blasted off, and I have resisted the contact request of cute Chinese women I did not know before. But just now I have started to invite the first batch of contacts myself, and it looks I´m lost. I have seen it happening to some of my Chinese friends, who use all the chatterboxes to get into contact with their old friends, very successfully.
So, I might be a bit quiet on other platforms, while exploring WeChat. If you are on WeChat, the handle I use is Fons69 (a service from the company, I did not pick the name myself, and they might have missed some of the naughty connotations here). Let me know if you want to chat :-)
I can use it on my iPad, but the WeChat screen does not turn, when it turn the device, so it is literally a pain in the neck. More reports later.
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