Sunday, December 29, 2013

Within the range of being forgiven - A Shanghai argument

Photos of Wang Jia Sha Restaurant (Wanhangdu Road), Shanghai
Lunch on Sunday was enjoyed at the headquarters of Wang Jia Sha, at Nanjingxilu 805 in Shanghai, after our earlier lunch at their branch office. A worthwhile experience with a lesson in Shanghai style customer relations.
Compared to the branch store, quality of the headquarters was much better. Heating was working and upstairs you actually had a service at the table. the store was divided in two classes, downstairs for the take-away´s and food for the poor. Upstairs better quality food for higher prices, and smaller dishes. Service was excellent and fast; waitresses used electronic equipment, although an occasional shout added to the nice ambiance.
This photo of Wang Jia Sha Restaurant (Wanhangdu Road) is courtesy of TripAdvisor
While walking downstairs, the chief cook was involved in a heated argument with one of the clients, who claimed to have found an insect in her food. While the cook was prepared to compensate the client with a 100 Renminbi, he fell short of straight forward apology, like would be standard practice elsewhere.
This was a mistake that falls in the range of being given forgiveness. When you make a vegetable dish as home, there is always a small chance of a bug getting into you food.
The client demanded a full a¨apology, and possible a higher compensation too. We did not wait to see if she got it.
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