Monday, January 13, 2014

Walking routes for Chinese tourists: the Napoleon Route

Napoleon Crossing the Alps
Napoleon Crossing the Alps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
China´s tourists are becoming more sophisticated, and want more than the traditional landmark buildings in Europe. The Shanghai People´s Publishing House sees a trend and has started a sequel of books on walking tours. The first publication is about La Route Napoleon (ISBN 978-7-208-11518-7), the tour Napoleon Bonaparte made when he returned from expulsion into Elba and tried to reconquer France.
The route is established tour and, already before knowing the book was in production, we visited Grenoble last year and picked up some information about the route.
The book was published in June and a short survey proved a genuine interest among the more educated travelers.
"The problem for more tourists is that they would love to do something more than the traditional trips, but have almost no clue what else they can do in Europe," says one of the editors of the project. Chinese tourists who have seen all the famous landmarks in Europe are looking for new ways to spend their time, preferably also in a healthy way.
The publishing house is also looking for both government agencies, companies and others to cooperate.
One of the next projects is a book on the walking routes to Santiago de Compostela, but the production is still in a very early stage.

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