Monday, March 24, 2014

Resuming China Hangouts this week

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The bricklayers and painters have gone, most of the furniture has been delivered, so time to resume our set of hangouts on China. As you might see the set-up has improved a bit (when I´m not traveling, that is).
Organizing the hangouts did cost more time and energy than anticipated when we started this venture.
And because Google kept on adding new goodies to this already beautiful system, the China Weekly Hangouts became even much more a drain on rather limited resources. Now, that is no reason to drop the effort all together, and we have decided to drop for the time being the adjective ´weekly´.
So we resume our online get-togethers on 27 March, 3pm CET, 10pm Beijing time and 10 am EST with an open office session. You can indicate you interest to participate in the future by plussing the various announcements, leaving comments, or joining the get together. We will need the planned hour also to figure out what has changed in the past few months,
Here you can register, and during the session you will be able to view the event from our event page, here and on our YouTube page.

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