Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Political reform under Xi Jinping, the top-3 - China Weekly Hangout

Guests of honour book at the opening of Russia...
Guests of honour book at the opening of Russia Day at the 2010 World Expo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
What do you expect from Xi Jinping, we asked a few days ago, preparing for tomorrow's +China Weekly Hangout.  Political reform in several formats popped up to be most popular among the 14 subjects we proposed: austerity measures, the poor-rich divide and political reform are the top-3 in our poll. We even noted some optimism here, although it was not overwhelming.
Pollution, food security and internet connectivity also scored well, but not that well, and all three subjects have already been covered in earlier China Weekly Hangout. (You can have an overview of earlier hangouts here.)

The hangout is held on Thursday 10pm Beijing times, 4pm CEST and 10am EST.

Please register here if you want to join our debate here. The usual suspects can expect an invite, if we catch them online. Until the event starts, you can leave your questions or comments there too. During the event, you can join the discussion in Twitter and Google+; do add the hash tag #CWHCWH. You can watch the event also in this space.
How does the pollution affect you, was the subject of our +China Weekly Hangout in January 2013 with +Richard Brubaker , our most successful show that attracted already more than 2,000 viewers.

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