Friday, May 10, 2013

A changing labor force - China Weekly Hangout

Dee Lee
What is happening to China's labor force? That will be a recurring theme in the +China Weekly Hangout and on Thursday 23 May we will start discussing the state of China factory floor. Together with +Dee Lee (Inno) of Inno in Guangzhou we will explore the current state of the blue collar workers.
This is how the +Asia Society described Dee Lee in 2012 when he was one of their fellows:
Dee Lee is Director of the Inno Community Development Organization which focuses on public health, poverty alleviation and emerging issues. The organization currently manages nine ongoing projects that include the workers’ hotline, fair-trade online, HBV advocacy campaign. Together with sixteen colleagues spread across three offices in China, Dee is working with thirteen international foundations and brands to provide assistance to more than two million beneficiaries, most of whom are migrant workers in China. Dee started his Labour NGO career in 2007 with the first systematic workers’ hotline in China. He has a Master’s Degree in marketing communication and five years of work experience at a marketing research and PR firm.
Of course you are welcome to join us, you can register here at our event page and join the discussion. A few subjects that might come up in our exchange: has the position of workers changed now there is a relative shortage of factory workers? What is the influence on social media (Inno works mainly through QQ)? How different are today's factory workers from their parents?  How are the wages developing, and what are the trade union doing? To mention a few possible subjects.

The China Weekly Hangout on labor will take place on Thursday 23 May, 10pm Beijing Time, 4pm CEST (Europe) and 10am EST (US/Canada). You can register here for participation, leave you comments here or at the event page. During the event you can watch also our YouTube video here and at our event page. You can also go directly to our live YouTube channel. During the event you can leave comments and questions at Twitter and Google+ (add the hash tag #CWHCWH).

Later this year we will discuss the position of white collar workers, whether we can call them the 'middle class', who is going to save China's economy with their consumption - or not.

(Our Thursday show got unfortunately stuck in severe technical problems. We plan a revamp later, and this will be announced in more recent posts.)

 For next week we are still looking for a subject, but we might selection one from our Australia/New Zealand planning session on Monday. You can register here if you are interested.

Last month the +China Weekly Hangout discussed how political reform could take place under Xi Jinping's tenure with +Steve Barru and +Fons Tuinstra.

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