Monday, November 18, 2013

Did the Third Plenum bear a mouse or an elephant? - China Weekly Hangout

Satellite image of air pollution over Beijing....
Satellite image of air pollution over Beijing. Thick sediment likewise clouds the waters of Bo Hai, immediately to the southeast of the city. Only a band of white clouds contrasts with the rest of the image. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Labor camps, the one-child policy, hukou's, pollution, internet censorship, state-owned companies, energy policy: they are just a few of the subjects that appeared last week in the 21,000 character document released after the Third Plenum of the Communist Party, spelling out reform plans for the coming years.
The +China Weekly Hangout plans to discuss some of those plans and will ask panelist whether the Third Plenum did bear a mouse or an elephant. Pending a few logistical challenges, we will hold our online meeting on 21 November at 10pm Beijing time, 3pm CET and 9am EST. We will pick subjects, depending on the expertise of the people joining us on Thursday, and summarize with the question how likely it is president Xi Jinping will pull off the planned reforms.

You can (barring technical problems) ask questions during the live conversation at our event page, where you can also register for participation. You can also leave remarks here in the comments.

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