Monday, October 29, 2012

What after ten years of harmonious society? - China Weekly Hangout

Xi Jinping 习近平
Xi Jinping 习近平 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The China Weekly Hangout on Thursday November 1 will focus on the ten past years of a harmonious society under president Hu Jintao and premier Wen Jiabao, what has it meant, and what can we expect the coming eight years under upcoming president Xi Jinping?
Janet Carmosky will report from New York on the findings on the National Committee on US-China Relations China Town Hall, and add her own viewpoints too. In addition we hope to sign up with political scientist Greg Anderson, who is currently in Bologna, Italy and will try to sign up for the hangout.
Moderation is in the hands of Fons Tuinstra, president of the China Speakers Bureau, signing in from Brasschaat, Belgium.
Time of the broadcast will be from 10pm Beijing Time, 3pm CET (note the winter time in Europe has started) and 10pm EST (US).
Do let us know if you want to be included in any way into our hangout. You can register at our event page.

After last week's China Weekly Hangout (included), we have started a debate on the format of the CWH. There was consensus that our sessions of 40-50 minutes might be too much for the average attention span of our viewers. Most likely we are going to cut up the session into smaller segments, but do follow this weblog or our event page for this week for updates on the logistics.

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